Bon Appetit! Cooking with a French Masterchef

Sarah Behm - Salamanca chaperone

A Delicious Day!

Today, we enjoyed a cooking class at L’Atelier de Tam with Tamara Gerboval, star of Masterchef France 2012!

Making chocolate cake

We learned how to make gateau au chocolat coulant à sauce caramel (a molten chocolate cake with caramel sauce).To top off this cultural experience, the recipe and all of our instructions were in French! We had a wonderful time, and learned a lot about French culinary vocabulary, as well as some little secrets. For example, the French secret to a great caramel sauce is to be extra cautious about not burning it, and to use a pinch of fleur de sel. (Don’t worry, the students know the recipe and can make a cake for you when they get home!)

Tonight, we are looking forward to another session with our language partners, and the group is hoping to try a local specialty– “socca”, chickpea flour pancakes that are typical to Southern France. Tomorrow, we’re off to a theater workshop!

La vie est belle!

-Erin Simmeth, US Chaperone, Nice Program 2013

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