Wednesday July 5th

The morning was spent at school experiencing the life of German school students.

In the evening the students went on a guided ghost tour through the old town of Heidelberg. A few German students and parents joined us for the entertaining ‘blast from the past’.

The guide, dressed as a Night Watchman, knew all about the mystic legends and places from the past century. Thankfully it was the perfect weather for our tour.

Tuesday July 4th

Yesterday the students were shadowing their German hosts in their school, and again really enjoyed the experience!

Today they went on a trip to Speyer, which has an old cathedral and is a  beautiful town. After a historic tour of the cathedral they got to go to the Technical Museum. This was educational and  fun, and they got to explore the world of planes, space and engineering.

After a day of exploring and  German public transport, tomorrow another day of German school awaits.

Thursday 29th & Friday June 30th

The students and Herr Blumberg had a great time at the Konisgstuhl – 548m above sea level.

Unfortunately it has rained a lot since the group arrived, but in spite of this, spirits are still high!

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Wednesday June 28th

Day Two began with a shower of rain.

Despite this, the students went on a two hour walking tour of Heidelberg, followed by a visit to the Studentenkratzer (student prison).

After a day full of laughter and walking they returned to their host families with a blue sky and sunshine.