An Intro to Salsa Dance

Sarah Behm - Salamanca chaperone

Lessons from a local

Our salsa dance class last night was a big hit! The group was all smiles as we learned the basic steps to this lively dance.

After a 45-minute lesson, taught by one of the language partners, Pedro, the students had a chance to show off their new moves on the dance floor. Earlier this afternoon was also busy- the students had a culture class on the history of Spain. They learned about the origin of the name “España” (“hispania”) which means, “tierra de los conejos”, or, “land of rabbits.” We also learned about important Spanish festivals and how the country is divided geographically.

Tonight, they will be out scouring the town on a scavenger hunt, with the hopes of winning a prize!

-Dave Whiteside, US Chaperone, Southern Spain Program 2013

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