An August Abroad in California

Summer study abroad students enjoying their time abroad

This is Beth Burdick, the local leader with ECI. I have been working with ECI with the Immersion team, helping to find host families for our visiting students. I am enjoying the opportunity to show the students California as they study abroad with local host families.

I’ve enjoyed meeting our visiting teens and host families. My husband, Brian Burdick, had fun teaching Baseball/Softball on Tuesday, and even recruited a softball teammate and little league coach to assist.

Visiting the majestic Muir Woods

Our first trip, was with a small group from Germany and Austria, who arrived a day earlier than the other students. Our destination was a drive up North, to Muir Woods and Muir Beach. We had an excellent volunteer guide, Linda Cahill, lead us through the woods. We learned the significance of FDR to this National Monument, and how he raced to protect this land. They stopped the bulldozers 1,000 feet from the tallest and probably oldest tree in these woods. The trees are so large that they can even survive a forest fire!

At the beach, we had fun tossing the Frisbee around, and learning “wiffle ball”. The soccer game didn’t last all that long, as running in the sand can be quite exhausting.

Touring the San Francisco Bay Area

On Wednesday, we went to San Francisco and did a walking tour of Chinatown and Union Square. San Francisco is really an amazing city, and it was great to see it through the eyes of the students.

On Thursday we went to the Pleasanton Police Station and enjoyed a tour by a Community Service Officer. Afterwards we did a Scavenger Hunt, in which we discovered Pleasanton. In the evening students and host families met for a barbecue.

On Friday we rode on the famous San Francisco Cable Cars and explored Fisherman´s Wharf. After that we went to the island of Alcatraz, where we heard a lot about the history of the island on their self-guided audio tour. The students are getting a true immersion in the San Francisco experience. More updates to come soon.

– Beth Burdick, Local Leader

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