A Vist to The Matisse Museum and Roman Ruins

Sarah Behm - Salamanca chaperone

Exploring Ancient Ruins

This afternoon, we went to the Matisse Museum and the Archaeological Museum for a little culture!

At the Matisse Museum, we saw many sketches (as well as completed oil-painting masterpieces) by this world-renowned artist.  The Archaeological Museum was equally impressive, boasting Roman artifacts from the area which was settled by the Romans in at least 200 BC. There were also remnants of Roman ruins on-site to explore, as well as a beautiful Franciscan monastery and garden!

This weekend we’re heading out of town, bound for the hilltop town of Eze, followed by the one-and-only, luxurious Monaco. What a whirlwind of sights!

Bon weekend!

-Erin Simmeth, US Chaperone, Nice Program 2013

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