A great weekend in Spain

An overnight trip to Sevilla

We had our overnight excursion in Sevilla Friday night. Sevilla is about three hours away from Nerja. I am pretty sure most of us slept the majority of the way there; on a private bus so big we could take over about four rows each. Friday night in Sevilla we walked though town and had a great dinner outside, under some trees near a little plaza in the middle of town, where you can only get to by walking.

Feeling the heat in Sevilla

Saturday the girls felt the true heat of Sevilla everyone had been warning them about. It was hot! I am not sure how hot it got Saturday afternoon, but it was 93 degrees at 11pm the night before. We decided to hire a tour guide for the Alcazar, the Muslim palace in middle of town that fell the Christians and became the major port of all Europe to the Americas. We also toured the cathedral and got to walk to the top of the Giralda bell tower. And to finally get out of the sun, we spent a few hours at the mall next door to our hotel before heading home. Everyone seemed pretty content with that part of the day.

Visiting the water park

Sunday afternoon we went to the water park in a town nearby by bus. It was so fun and refreshing to swim in fresh water. The girls had a blast racing each other down the multiple water slides, hanging out in the wave pool and lying in the sun. It was a fun, sun-filled afternoon! Everyone’s cheeks are a little sun kissed, but we are being very good about applying sun block. It seems there isn’t an activity these girls won’t make the most of and enjoy. Being their chaperone is not only an easy task, but it’s fun!

¡Hasta Pronto!

– Anne Johnson, U.S. Chaperone, Nerja

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