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Agur/Adiós San Sebastián

Today we said our goodbyes to our incredible host families in San Sebastián! As we headed to our flight from Bilboa to Sevilla we shared lots of stories and photos! But, the photos say it all! Enjoy….





Hola San Sebastián 

Off to San Sebastián we go…..Today we had a very early start to jump on our two trains to San Sebastián! As you can see from the photos we were a tired bunch. However, we pushed through and were immediately embraced by the host families at the station!
The families were very excited to meet our group and have many fun plans for the week!

This is going to be an incredible experience for all!

After many hugs and photos, all the students headed out with their families to grab some lunch and get settled into their new homes!

I’ll be checking in with the students every day by phone/WhatsApp or email. 

There won’t be any blog posts until we reconvene as a group next Sunday! 

Agur (adiós in Baque)!! Sarah 


Salamanca Saturday Last day

Today we said our godbye’s to the beautiful Salamanca! In the morning a few of us made our last visit to the Garden of Calixto y Melibea. After our last dorm lunch some students went shopping while the others made one last visit to the river. 

For dinner we all went out to a delicious Italian restaurant followed by a dramatized tour of the cathedral and some Smooey (yogurt). 

Now we are doing our last minute packing before our early morning train ride to San Sebastián tomorrow! 

We are all a bit sad to say goodbye to Salamanca, but very excited for our next adventure. 

Hasta luego, 

Sarah y Patricia


Salamanca Friday Day 13

We did it! Today was the last day of our classes and all students received their certificates of completion! Afterwards we had a quick session about host family tips and tricks to prepare our group for our next adventure in San Sebastián! 

After a very relaxed afternoon we had our last dinner in the dorms and language partner session! Our wonderful native speakers shared with us that they noticed improvements with all of the students! 

Tomorrow will be our last day in Salamanca and we are all looking forward to sleeping in! 

Hasta pronto, 

Sarah y Patricia


Salamanca Thursday Day 12

We started out our afternoon by determining the scavenger hunt winners! There were some difficult questions that were answered by all and some fun photos to top it off! But Rachel, Kylie, and Brigid had the most points and received the winning keychain prize!

After lunch we met up to go paddle boating on the Tormes River. The view of the cathedral and bridges is spectacular! We also got a chance to improve our tans.

Later we taught some of the group how to play a typical Spanish card game called Escoba! We are preparing them as much as possible for their host family experience coming up on Sunday!


Sarah y Patricia

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