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Sunday June 28th

Yesterday we spent the day settling in and getting to know each other better. Despite the jet lag everyone was experiencing we managed to head to downtown Nice for a stroll and a quick shop for some basics. After a great French dinner back at the residence we all decided to rest up and head to bed early, knowing the following day would be packed with fun things to do!

Sunday morning greeted us with a “pain au chocolat” and other delicious breakfast items. Soon after we headed into town to take in the sights and get familiar with what would be our “home” for the next two weeks.
After exploring the fruit market in “Vieux Nice” we grabbed a sandwich or salad for lunch and headed to the beach where we enjoyed a day relaxing in the sun, swimming, floating on inner tubes and taking in the lovely beach scenery.
After a quick (but necessary!) stop for gelato we headed back to Parc Impérial for a quick rest and change before heading back into town for an ECI welcome dinner, enjoyed by all at “Le Safari”and followed by a two-hour session with native French speakers who did a great job at prepping us for our first French class tomorrow morning.
All in all was a fun-packed and amazing day! We are all excited to see what the French classes will bring tomorrow!

A bientôt !!!!




Salamanca Sunday Day 1

Adios Madrid – Hola Salamanca!!MadridAlCielo

Today we said our goodbye’s to Madrid by taking this “de Madrid al Cielo” picture.

Then we headed to Salamanca by bus. Once we got all checked into our colorful dorms, we had some time to settle in before having a home-made rice dish with the delicious Spanish sauce called ‘Pisto’!

SalamancaTerraceAfter dinner we took a leisurely stroll through the Plaza of Salamanca to point out places of interest (aka ice cream)! We continued on our walk to see some of the preliminary sights like the New Cathedral and San Esteban church and monastery.


We tried to hold off on showing too many landmarks as we have some upcoming tours of the city! Finally, we all got tucked into our new rooms for a good night’s rest before our first day of classes tomorrow!




Nice, Saturday June 27th

Here’s a photo from our first night in the city.

After dinner we all just crashed since everyone was exhausted. Looking forward to tomorrow!





Madrid Day 3

With 95 degree weather we had a 110% day! We started with a tour of the Royal Palace learning about the importance of the many King and Queens that have contributed to the history of the palace! We also took some fun photos with such a stunning backdrop!

After a break for shopping and lunch, we took a metro ride to the one and only Bernabeu! Here we had a grand tour of this magnificent stadium! Ayars couldn’t be happier to find the small basketball section and we all enjoyed the interactivity of the tour!

From here we hopped on a couple more metro lines to get to the Retiro park. At the Retiro the girls opted to try the row boats where some got into a splash war and others let Raquele show off her rowing skills!

We jumped on the metro one last time to enjoy a well-deserved Italian dinner to fulfill our stomaches and the end of the day!

We are all excited to jump on a bus tomorrow to Salamanca! Let the re-packing begin!

IMG_4874 IMG_4872


IMG_4884 IMG_4887 IMG_4893 IMG_4910 IMG_4916 IMG_4918 IMG_4923


MadridBernabeu MadridRetiroBoats MadridRetiroBoatsKylieJayna

The group has arrived!

The group has arrived in Nice and are currently having a brief orientation meeting at Parc Imperial dorm. They will have dinner at 7pm followed by fun evening activities.


Keep checking the blog for regular updates from the trip.