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5 reasons why living with a volunteer host family is the best way to improve your French or Spanish

  1. A complete language immersion experience – no English
  2. A complete cultural immersion experience – no organized group activities
  3. A bond that will last beyond your time in France or Spain
  4. An opportunity to experience teenage life in France & Spain
  5. Volunteer families who host for all the right reasons

1. Complete language Immersion

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New for 2015

Our informative Study Abroad videos

We are very excited about this coming season, but we are especially excited at the prospect of being able to offer you an insight into our programs before you sign up, giving you a clear picture of what happens during a summer Study Abroad program.

A picture paints a thousand words –
but a video goes one better…

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How we choose our Local Leaders

ECI carefully selects the best so that each trip is a huge success

What is a Local Leader?

A local, native-speaking expert, working on the ground in France and Spain. Students fly with their US chaperones to Europe and are met by their Local Leader. Together with the US chaperones, the Local Leader makes up the team of responsible adults who looks after the trip and our students.
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What makes ECI programs different—and truly life-changing?

A Study Abroad immersion experience with volunteer families

If you are looking for a high school summer Study Abroad program you have a wide range of options. There are numerous high-quality, reputable organizations offering great opportunities, but all with similar program locations and similar program structures. How do you choose between them?

Common components of study program structures

  1. Classes at specialist language schools in France or Spain
  2. Opportunity to earn University Credit
  3. Excursions and travel portions to the most popular must-see locations, including Madrid and Paris
  4. Fun-filled and active itinerary with the chance to try local hands-on cultural activities
  5. Capable, experienced and well-trained chaperone team including US teachers and expert Local Leaders
  6. Reassuring and knowledgeable US-based team who will guide you through the application process pre-departure
  7. A ‘Homestay’ experience, living with carefully chosen paid families in the program town whilst taking classes

Together these components make up what is commonly termed and regarded as an Immersion experience.
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Embracing Cultural Differences

Surprising behaviors that might make you double-take when abroad

First things first—you are going abroad. Know that things are going to be different and new, but if you are ready and stay open-minded, you’ll love it. Here are cultural differences that took some getting acclimated to for our students in the past. With the right attitude and some preparation, you’ll know how to react. Remember, the goal of studying abroad is to authentically experience another culture.
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