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Fantastic Student Feedback

Two important signs we are reaching our Study Abroad goals

Since 1998, ECI has been committed to providing the highest standard of Study Abroad Programs. We are also obsessed with continual improvement and measuring our performance via feedback.
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How Will I Live Without My Cell Phone?

Should I take my phone to Europe? We get asked this a great deal!

To take or not to take?

For high school students today, the cell phone no longer functions as merely a tool for making phone calls. As the technology continues to improve at an accelerating rate, students become more used to relying on their phones to text their friends, store information, listen to music, and surf the Internet. With a study abroad trip on the horizon, many of our students ask, “Do you recommend I bring my cell phone to Europe with me?” While one solution won’t work for everyone, we have recommendations based on our travel experience.
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Stay Connected With ECI’s Trip Blogs

Get multiple updates each week while the group is traveling

We understand that the prospect of having your child travel to a new country can be intimidating for parents. Especially if this is a family’s first time having a child away for a month, the prospect can be intimidating. We’ve already addressed options to stay in touch in our previous blog on cell phones, but there’s another way to stay connected while the group is abroad: our ECI trip blogs!
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