Are the trips safe?

Safety is our number one priority! We cannot do this alone, and need your cooperation. We assume a certain level of maturity from all of our students, and trust you to make responsible decisions. All of our programs are based in what we consider to be safe locations. However, like any town in the US, there is always the potential for danger, and it is your responsibility to avoid putting yourself in unsafe situations.

Taking personal responsibility to help keep yourself and your trip mates safe is the theory behind our Personal Responsibility Contract. Part of ECI’s philosophy is to provide young people with an environment in which to mature and gain a level of personal independence. It is up to you to be an active participant in this process and to not abuse the trust given to you by our chaperones, who cannot be with you at all times.

Should you find yourself in a difficult situation, however, the chaperones are always available to come to your aid, take a taxi with you, walk you home, take you to see a doctor, help you communicate with your host family, etc. You and your parents can call them on their cell phones 24/7.

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