What is there to do in the evenings?

On each trip there is usually a period of time at night, after dinner and before curfew, when students and chaperones and/or Language Partners can get together to experience how European teenagers spend their evenings. To help you get the most out of your French or Spanish experience, we have chaperoned activities each evening.

Our European Program Coordinators, in consultation with our young, local Language Partners, do their utmost to provide you with nightlife experiences that are fun, appealing to teenagers, and whenever possible, unique to France and Spain.

Some example nightlife choices in Spain could include music concerts, summer festival events and shows, movie nights, flamenco shows, tapas tasting, sports activities, late night chocolate and churros. In France, nightlife choices could include concerts, movie nights, cafés, summer festival events and shows, evening art classes or sports activities.

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